places, with friends

PopUp makes it easy to discover & leave nuggets of information at a location. Leave reviews, tips, jokes, or even reminders at places and they will popup when your followers arrive. Follow friends and set their insights to popup at places for you. It's simple and serendipitous.
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Insight from friends', where it's actually helpful

Friends' tips and reviews are often helpful, yet more often lost or forgotten. She said to get which red wine...? I know he said one of the deserts was to die for, I just can't remember which one. Use PopUp with your friends to share & discover tips and reviews at the places where they matter. What next, flying pigs?

The digital equivalent of a flaming bag of dog poop

Now you have the opportunity for a real life 'rickroll.' Well, the closest thing to it, without paying Rick Astley to perform. Don't know what 'Rickrolling' is? [Click Here] But really, leave a popup with an inside joke or a comedic surprise and when friends encounter the place you left it, the joke 'pops up.' You simply couldn't do this, until now...

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Stay in the loop @ your favorite places

Be in the know about upcoming events, new items or coming changes. Follow your favorite local shops on PopUp and get their updates when you are there. Think of it as the digital cork-board for your favorite shops with much less mess.

Remember toilet paper...For real though

Reminders are only as good as where you leave them, so start leaving them where they apply. Use popup to leave reminders for friends, roommates, spouses or even yourself @ the places you need to be reminded. Think grocery lists @ grocery stores, chore lists at the house and meeting reminders @ work. All from the palm of your hand, no matter where you currently are.

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i'm the guy in the fedora & red leather jacket

Turn by turn directions are a standard in navigation, why not in your daily life? Meeting someone for coffee? Leave a popup for when they walk in letting them know where you are sitting. Friends coming into town? Leave a popup on the corner, directing them down the easiest route to your apartment.

Seamlessly benefit from friends' prior experiences

"Steer clear of the bathroom, it looks like a medieval torture dungeon." Or "Don't miss out on the hidden coffee bar through the back door..." Life is much better when you can learn from others who have 'been there, done that.' No need to make the same mistake twice, or miss out on an insider's experience. Get suggestions from the people you follow, at the places they apply to. It sort of just makes sense, huh?