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Dov Cohn

Co-founder & CEO

Dov is PopUp's esteemed leader, bringing 20+ years of software development and marketing & startup experience to the team. Having spent the past 13 years specifically in mobile startups, Dov was building app stores before there even were apps. At his last gig, Dov served as SVP of Products & Marketing at Mobile App marketing success, Appia (backed by $30MM in VC funding from Venrock, Trident, Relay Ventures, Tomorrow Ventures, Noro-Moseley Partners, Wakefield Group). Prior to Appia, Dov was SVP of Products & Marketing @ Motricity ($0->$100MM in Revenue, backed by TCV, NEA) and IPO’d in 2010. Dov takes himself much too seriously.

Jason Humphries

Co-founder & Head of Technology

Coming off of a corporate gig as head of mobile at Sageworks, Inc. a Raleigh, NC, based financial services SaaS company, Jason brings strong mobile development chops to the team. Prior to Sageworks Jason was co-founder & CTO at angel-backed startup, Veribu from 2009-'11. While he's normally building in RoR & Objective C he can occasionally can be found tinkering with Java, Node.js and Unix. Without this guy...well, we will leave it at that…

Fitch Carrere

Co-founder & Head of Product

Fitch is the User Experience and product guy. He comes to PopUp via UNC--Chapel Hill having interned in various positions @Appia & @Wanderfly, as well as heading-up Heelprint Communications, a student-run creative communications firm during college. He usually has Photoshop open and can occasionally be found doing front-end web development (HTML/CSS/JS). Fitch also moonlights with products & marketing, working on user acquisition and building the best damn product anyone could ask for.


We do not currently have any positions unfilled. However, we can always use talented, passionate people. So if you fall into both of those categories & have a burning desire to work with the team on PopUp please feel free to email us at: jobs [at] popupapp.co